Viver Green, Kendal

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Project Details
Client Private Client
Contract Value £6m
Form of Contract TBC
Construction Programme TBC
Main Contractor TBC

Viver Green is a residential site of 22 new build high end Grade ‘A’ Eco Houses. The site was initially planned to be delivered in 3 phases. CMC were brought in towards the end of phase 1 by the funder to undertake a financial, progress, compliance and quality audit of the site, as the developer had begun to default on his loan. We initially carried out 4 monthly audits, before the site was effectively stopped and the fund stepped in. Over the next few months we then undertook a forensic analysis of the cost, whilst the control over the site was being moved to the funder. Over the next 12 months we were appointed as development managers to appoint a new design team, survey the existing works and to bring the design back into alignment with planning. The plan is to now tender phases 2 and 3 and complete the project, in order to help the fund recoup their initial investment.